Online Training: Introduction to Fingerprint Patterns

Learn about the Basic Fingerprint Patterns: Loops, Arches, and Whorls

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The most valuable evidence that an investigator can obtain from the crime scene is the fingerprints of the suspect. Fingerprints have been established and accepted as infallible means of personal identification and it has been this way for centuries. In fact, fingerprints are the only positive identification that is used throughout the world.  

This online course teaches the basics of the 3 types of fingerprint patterns--L.A.W--loops, arches, and whorls. These patterns are the foundation and cornerstone of personal identification.  

Unlock the secrets of fingerprint identification and embark on an exciting career in forensic science. Our Introduction to Fingerprint Identification online course is designed for aspiring fingerprint examiners and crime scene investigators. By taking this course, you'll gain access to cutting-edge techniques, expert insights, and practical exercises that will put you on the fast track to success.

Working knowledge of fingerprint basics prepares the student for a fingerprint position in a law enforcement agency or forensic agency.  
Course includes:  
instructor-led live lectures
hands-on training
practical exercises
PDFs worksheets
case studies
certificate of completion  

This 4 week, live lecture class is designed to introduce the student to the classification of fingerprints. It will provide the student with the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to classify fingerprints.  

Perfect for:  
students with limited basic fingerprint experience and knowledge  
law enforcement professionals looking to pivot to a forensic position  
criminal justice students  
pre-law students  

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:  
Recall the history of fingerprints
Classification Systems
Describe the basic concepts of ink-to-ink comparison and identification
Demonstrated ability to take legible fingerprint standards

Course Curriculum

Course Instructors

Instructor: Katrina Frink, MSFS

Forensic Print Specialist III
Online Instructor

Katrina is a crime scene investigator for a large law enforcement agency. She responds to crime scenes and analyzes evidence in a laboratory setting. She holds professional membership in The International Association of Identification and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Co-Instructor: Terri Armenta, MSFS

Director of Forensic Training Unlimited
Adjunct Professor

Terri is an academic professor at several universities and colleges. Her expertise in forensic science methods and criminal justice concepts has led to her being recognized as an academic professional teaching courses in forensic science, criminalistics, and criminal justice.  

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S. Hernandez


The course content was well-structured and easy to follow, with comprehensive modules covering all aspects of fingerprint identification. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided regular feedback and support throughout the course. I particularly enjoyed the interactive nature of the course, which included practical exercises and case studies to reinforce learning. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the fascinating world of fingerprint identification. 

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