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Sweaty palms. Heart beating loudly. Dry mouth. You're FREAKING OUT!!

To make matters worse, you ask yourself:

What questions will be asked?

What should I say?

These are some of the signs of being nervous before and during the interview. There simply isn't enough deodorant to fight off your sweaty underarms, right?

But what would happen if you knew some of the questions before they were asked? Not only would you be better prepared, you would be able to practice your answers BEFORE being interviewed.

Sounds good?

This 90 minute workshop gives you the tools so you can ACE answering those interview questions--both general and specific--related to a forensic job.

The workshop introduces interview questions asked by FORENSIC PROFESSIONALS during an oral interview panel.

The answers will be reviewed, critiqued, and REFINED so you can develop a dialogue in answering the question, not one that is robotic (boring).

Sample answers will be given to each question so you can CREATE your own successful answer that will help you STAND OUT from other applicants.

Better still, the workshop will help you:

describe your qualifications in a concise but brief manner during an interview

discover how to speak confidently and without hesitation

look like a professional that shows how you conduct yourself in the interview room

establish yourself as the BEST job candidate by creating a long lasting first impression

prepare answers that are not memorized but spoken in a clear open dialogue allowing the oral interview panel to see you as a prepared candidate

develop your interviewing skills before the actual job interview

develop a plan when preparing for a forensic interview

identify key words to help you answer job interview questions

create concise answers to interview questions

market yourself as the best qualified candidate for forensic job openings in other departments, agencies, and states

reduce interview related stress and calm your nerves allowing you to think clearly when answering questions

and finally, come across as a serious and prepared candidate for the job and increase your chances of getting hired



The workshop also covers:

the importance of joining professional organizations and the #1 organization you need to join and why.

why marketing your career on LinkedIn is a must for your career.

importance training for your career where to get (free) training

Included in the workshop:

PDFs workbook--interview questions, how to prepare for interview, resume tips, portfolio tips--which helps transform you into the most confident and best prepared job candidate.

Presentation PowerPoint--helps keep you on track once workshop has ended and remind you of the key points from the workshop.

Video--replay available so you can view it any time during the 6 weeks

Workshop Details

Remember this is a 90 minute workshop that includes interactive lessons, workbook, worksheets, career tips, and 30 day access after workshop has ended.

*****The workshop will be limited to 20 students*****

Live lecture will use to record workshop for future reference and review.

Your Instructor

Terri Armenta/Forensic Training
Terri Armenta/Forensic Training

Terri has been teaching forensic science and criminal justice courses for over 15 years. Her education and experience includes business management, science, law enforcement, and forensics. She has a MS in Forensic Science (emphasis in Investigations) and loves to teach and educate others in forensic science and criminal justice topics and techniques. She is the founder of Forensic Training Unlimited LLC (FTU), which is located in Southern California. FTU offers hands-on training, workshops, seminars, and online training courses.

She has several POST certificates, has trained with Los Angeles County Coroner, Orange County (CA) Sheriff's Department, and holds professional memberships in Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers, International Association for Identification, Latino Peace Officers Association, and the California State Division of the International Association of Identification.

She has presented at the International Association for Identification, served as a guest lecturer in forensic and criminal justice topics, as an Adjunct Instructor at several colleges and universities.

Terri, who holds teaching credentials, is passionate about bringing students closer to their forensic career goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't make the live sessions. Can I still register for the workshop?
Yes, you can. The live sessions will be recorded and will be available for replay.
When does the workshop start?
The workshop takes place on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 5:00 pm PST.
How long do I have access to the online workshop?
Once the workshop ends on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, you will have 30 days of full access.

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