Workshop: Dusting and Lifting Latent Prints from Challenging Surfaces

From Theory to Practice: Hands-On Exercises in Latent Print Recovery

Course Summary

This intensive workshop is designed for forensic students who wish to deepen their understanding and enhance their skills in dusting and lifting latent fingerprints from difficult or uneven surfaces. Through a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on activities, participants will learn the intricacies of working with non-conventional surfaces like light bulbs, door knobs, and textured materials.

This workshop aims to equip forensic students with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle challenging aspects of latent print recovery, ensuring better outcomes in forensic investigations.

                                                                 This Workshop Is Ideal For:  

Forensic students seeking to enhance their understanding and skills in dusting and lifting latent prints.
Individuals interested in working with non-conventional surfaces and challenging materials.
Participants who are willing to engage in hands-on activities and learn advanced techniques for fingerprint recovery.

                                         Training takes place at 2050 W. Chapman Ave. Ste. 108
                                                                       To Be Announced
                                                                         8 am to 12 pm

Workshop Resources 

Workshop Outline

                                                                         Workshop Objectives
Recognize the fundamentals of fingerprint composition and the principles behind fingerprint powders.
Discover advanced techniques for dusting and lifting fingerprints from challenging surfaces.
Gain practical experience through hands-on activities using various tools and methods.

Part 1: Introduction to Fingerprints (45 minutes)
Brief History of Fingerprinting
Anatomy of a Fingerprint
Ridges, furrows, and the uniqueness of patterns.
Types of Fingerprints
Visible, plastic, and latent fingerprints.
Principles of Fingerprint Powder
Composition and types of fingerprint powders.
How fingerprint powders adhere to latent prints.

Part 2: Preparing for Dusting and Lifting (30 minutes)
Tools of the Trade
Overview of brushes, powders, lifting tapes, and alternative lifting mediums.
Surface Analysis
Assessing surfaces before attempting to lift fingerprints.
Understanding the challenges posed by different materials and textures.

Part 3: Dusting Techniques (1 hour)
Basic Dusting Techniques
A refresher on standard practices.
Advanced Techniques for Uneven Surfaces
Strategies for applying powder on complex surfaces.
Demonstrations on light bulbs, door knobs, and textured materials.
Break (15 minutes)
Part 4: Lifting Techniques (1 hour)
Conventional Lifting Methods
Recap of standard lifting methods.
Challenges of Lifting from Difficult Surfaces
Addressing issues related to adhesion, powder consistency, and surface curvature.
Innovative Lifting Techniques
Using gel lifters, electrostatic dust lifters, and other advanced tools.

Part 5: Hands-on Activities (1 hour 30 minutes)
Activity 1: Dusting Practice Participants will practice dusting on a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, and textured objects.
Activity 2: Lifting Latent Prints Applying lifting techniques to recover prints from the dusted surfaces.
Activity 3: Analysis and Documentation Examining lifted prints under magnification. Documenting findings in a forensic context.

Part 6: Q&A and Wrap-Up (15 minutes)
Discussion of Challenges and Solutions
Open floor for participants to discuss encountered difficulties and share insights.
Closing Remarks
Summary of key takeaways.
Distribution of workshop completion certificates.

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