January 2024 Cohort: 3 Month CSI Training Program: Weekend Only in Southern California

Hands-on Training in Crime Scene Investigations

Course Summary

Our 100-hour training module, consisting of Basic Crime Scene Investigations, Forensic Photography, and Advanced Crime Scene Investigations, will start on January 2024. The module will consist of three (3) courses.

                                                                 This weekend only program is offered in Southern California

Course Curriculum

Forensic Training Unlimited

Forensic Training Unlimited wants to get you trained! We offer specialized forensic training courses in topics such as crime scene investigations, fingerprint classification, death investigation, and forensic career marketing. Our goal is to see students make the leap from student to forensic professional and achieve their professional goals.

In addition, our online academy offers these pages to help you get started with your forensic career: 

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Stop Dreaming of a Forensic Career and Start Training for One

Terri Armenta


You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who are considered experts in their field. 

Course Pricing

  • 2-Monthly Payment Plan
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    $1247.50 USD

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  • 3 Monthly Installments
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    $831.66 USD

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