2024 Forensic Science Academy: 7 Comprehensive Training Modules: Weekend Only

Hands-On Training, Lectures, and Case Study Reviews

Course Summary

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of forensic science, where every print, every ridge, and every insect tells a story. From the identification of perpetrators to the determination of cause and manner of death, become a trusted detective armed with the power of science and deduction. Enroll in the Forensic Science Academy to unlock the door to a world of endless possibilities in the pursuit of justice.

The hands-on training modules are:
Basic Crime Scene Investigations+Impression Evidence
Evidence & Forensic Photography+Ballistics
Advanced Crime Scene Investigations+Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Fingerprint Classification
Fingerprint Identification+Palm Prints
Forensic Entomology
Medico-legal Death Investigations

                                                       This weekend only hands-on training takes place in Southern California. 

Course Curriculum

Forensic Training Unlimited

Forensic Training Unlimited wants to get you trained! We offer specialized forensic training courses in topics such as crime scene investigations, fingerprint classification, death investigation, and forensic career marketing. Our goal is to see students make the leap from student to forensic professional and achieve their professional goals.

In addition, our online academy offers these pages to help you get started with your forensic career: 

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Stop Dreaming of a Forensic Career and Start Training for One

Join our expert instructors and learn the techniques and tools used by professionals to identify victims and suspects. Modules include fingerprint identification and comparison, forensic entomology, and medicolegal investigations. Immerse yourself with hands-on training and real-life case studies. 

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