How Can I Join 'The Academy'?

Our application process is very simple! You need to have the following qualifications before you are considered for acceptance:

  • wanting a forensic career
  • ready to study for a forensic career
  • desire to learn and ask questions
  • committed to attending each training module
  • ability to document details
  • having a "can do" attitude
  • able to work in groups as well as independently

There are three (3) prerequisites for The Forensic Science Academy:

Orientation Course--the one you're taking now!

Forensic Evidence Course

How to Start a Forensic Career

If you've taken forensic related courses previously, those will help.

Although having a degree is not required, having one will prove to your advantage when it comes to applying for forensic positions (since most agencies require entry level candidates to possess a degree from an accredited college).

To apply to The Forensic Science Academy, please visit this link for the application which can be completed and submitted online.

Along with the application, you will also need to submit the following:

  • letter of intent
  • (2) letters of recommendation
  • unofficial transcripts

All students who have been accepted will receive an acceptance letter (great to place in your professional portfolio) as well as registration fee information.

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