Assignment/Homework: Hands-On Training: Create Scene Diagram

Using your sketch as a guide, you will be creating a scene diagram using one of the free digital planners listed below: (

Homestyler (

SmartDraw (

Your map MUST

  1. include a point of reference (for example, in the diagram below, the reference point is the Northwestern corner of the building, labeled “A”).
  2. reflect accurate space and scaling of objects (for example, you might indicate that each ½ inch of the diagram is equivalent to 1 foot of real space).
  3. include a key (for example, if you have a red stain or some other vital piece of evidence, you should assign that piece of evidence a number and list it in the key as in the example below).
  4. include at least 3 different pieces of evidence.

After creating your diagram, you will submit it to:

[email protected]

Please include your name and "Scene Diagram" in the subject heading.